Meetings – Protocol and Covid-19

Meetings – Protocol and Covid-19


Good Day everyone, apparently a few people are having a few questions about how we as members should be handling how we should be having our meetings with the pandemic of Covid-19 at our heels. This of course comes down to the Group Conscience. Even our Spring Assembly in Regina has been cancelled due to the group conscience of the table officers.

GSO has sent out some guidelines that basically state to follow the protocol that the local and provincial bodies have laid out. Which are to stay approx. 1 metre apart from each other. Avoid people who are coughing or who appear sick. Do not attend meetings if you are sick or have travelled out of the country. Wash hands regularly and basically use common sense. Avoid hugging or hand shaking but again this all comes down to personal choice or group conscience.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Janet Taylor
DCM District 9

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