Welcome to the Meeting List for District 9

***Updated April 1st, 2021***

South Town AA Group in-person meetings at 8:00 pm Wed. have resumed AND…  
South Town AA ZOOM meetings at 7:00 pm on Wed. WILL still carry on. There is a market for those that prefer that option so we feel obligated to provide: Meeting ID: 330 973 1618, Password: 9tWiWh
Sunshine Fresh Air Group has moved to ZOOM meetings: Monday nights at 8:00 pm, Meeting ID: 538 452 1785, Password: 752 867
Glaslyn Group is temporarily closed due to COVID
New Sunday Nite Group: Sunday nights at 7:00 pm
Meeting ID: 6400 848 923, Password: AANDH
Spiritwood Group has moved to ZOOM meetings: Thursday nights at 8:00 pm, Meeting ID: 892 1010 7556, Password: 483831
Tuesday Noon Group at Battleford closed due to COVID
Soul Sisters Tuesday night meeting is temporarily closed due to the rise in COVID numbers 
Thursday night Silverstream Group at North Battleford closed due to COVID