Welcome to the Meeting List for District 9

***Updated April 22nd, 2021***

Soul Sisters Tuesday in-person meetings at 5:30 pm have resumed
South Town AA Group in-person meetings at 8:00 pm Wed. have resumed AND…  
South Town AA ZOOM meetings at 7:00 pm on Wed. WILL still carry on. There is a market for those that prefer that option so we feel obligated to provide: Meeting ID: 330 973 1618, Password: 9tWiWh
Sunshine Fresh Air Group has moved to ZOOM meetings: Monday nights at 8:00 pm, Meeting ID: 538 452 1785, Password: 752 867
Glaslyn Group is temporarily closed due to COVID
New Sunday Nite Group: Sunday nights at 7:00 pm
Meeting ID: 6400 848 923, Password: AANDH
Spiritwood Group has moved to ZOOM meetings: Thursday nights at 8:00 pm, Meeting ID: 892 1010 7556, Password: 483831
Tuesday Noon Group at Battleford closed due to COVID
Thursday night Silverstream Group at North Battleford closed due to COVID