Open Meeting Hafford November πŸ•” 7 days - Open AA Meeting Monday, November 28,8:00pmGospel Fellowship Church,Main St., Hafford An Open Meeting means anyone canattend. Coffee is on by…

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Announcement SouthTown 2022 πŸ•” 4 weeks - The SouthTown Group will be moving,effective DECEMBER 1st to theLions Club House

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SouthTown Birthday 2022 πŸ•” 4 weeks - Laura C. *** 10th Birthday *** Wednesday NiteSouthTown

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Zion Church Birthday 2022 πŸ•” 4 weeks - Gary M. *** 20th Birthday *** Monday Nite Zion Church

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Battlefords 2022 AA Roundup πŸ•” 3 months - A "DESIGN FOR LIVING" We, in our turn, sought the same escape with all the desperation of drowningmen. What seemed…

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